2020 Points

Please be aware of the following rules regarding points.Victorious 4
  • All ties for Champion and Reserve are broken by identifying the horse/rider having the most points over fences. In the case of a tie over fences, both horse and rider are awarded an extra ribbon and points.
  • The half point rule states that Champion and Reserve places are only awarded to the two top riders/horses in a division having acquired at least 1/2 point over fences. Additionally, you must be one of the top four horses in total points after the two over fences classes to be eligible for wither the Champion or Reserve award.
  • In order to be eligible for Champion and Reserve award, the rider/horse MUST be entered in the entire division. NOTE: It is not necessary to ride in each class.
  • Palatine 4In order for points from a class to count for year end awards and for Champion and Reserve points at that show, 3 riders must complete in the class. Otherwise, only class points will count for points (no Championship and Reserve points awarded) ***New Rule 2020***  For Medal classes, 4 riders must complete the course.
  • Points associated with Champion and Reserve (20 and 12 respectively) are not used nor applied to the year end total for any of the equitation divisions with the exception of Short and Long Stirrup.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email the the NIHJA points secretary.
2020 points will be final as of October 18, 2020.
Please contact the points secretary if there are any concerns.

NIHJA is looking for year end sponsors! Cost is $150.00 per division and will help purchase prizes and ribbons for year end awards. Please contact Barb Mangler at bmangler@Comcast.net if you are interested in sponsoring a division!

Recipients of trophies from the 2019 – 2020 show season need to start dusting off their trophies and prepare to return them. Trophies may be dropped off at palatine stables or brought to either of the 2 remaining shows. If you are not able to physically drop off a trophy, please contact Toni Bruns in order to make shipping arrangements.

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